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The Handshake Submission Hold

This is a very interesting technique as you would never think a handshake can be used to submit your opponent. However, Grandmaster Taejoon Lee demonstrates how you can easily utilize the handshake grip to take down and submit your opponent. And no, it’s not just trying to see who’s stronger by squeezing the hardest.

Takedown and Quick Submit Lesson

The concept of Quick Submissions is knowing how to most effectively submit your opponent as quickly as possible by controlling your opponent from stand-up to finish. Grandmaster Taejoon Lee demonstrates and teaches in it’s most detailed instruction on how to effectively takedown your opponent and submit by properly setting up your opponent from stand-up to submission.

Spear Fighting Techniques

In Hwa Rang Do there are over 108 weapons in 20 different categories. Here in this instructional series, Grandmaster Taejoon Lee teaches how to use the Jangchang (Long Spear); first as a form to better familiarize yourself to the weapon and then he shows you how to apply them into actual spear vs. spear fighting.

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