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Open Hand Strikes Combo – Mastermind Class

This is a preview of Hwa Rang Do Grandmaster Taejoon Lee teaching the finer details of open hand strikes and creating effective combinations.

This is from a live online video streaming class, Mastermind, which is broadcasted twice per week. It airs every Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:18pm PST on

In these exclusive sessions with Grandmaster Taejoon Lee, he breaks down the techniques from all facets of martial training into step-by-step instruction, which is easy to understand to all practitioners beginners to advanced.

To gain access to FREE Hwa Rang Do Lessons, click here to register.

11 Responses to “Open Hand Strikes Combo – Mastermind Class”

  1. Robert Henry Pineiro says:

    Thank you for the memories. I learned how to follow up with block. The different stricks and moves. Since people learn at a different rates. I like to watch things done very, very slow. This way I can walk throught the motions over and over phisically and mentaly. Then, I can increase my speed and confidence of the technic.

  2. Excelente!! Would not expect anything less.Doksoori!

  3. J says:

    Very informative video. Will use it as a guide to help me improve in my own martial arts training.

  4. Very good teaching and another reason I love it so much is since I teach the same things and I’m so glad.

  5. Marcelo Alejandro Olmos says:

    Gracias Master, no ablo Ingles pero estoy siguiendo sus enseƱanzaz, practico Taekwondo ITF, del cual soy 6to. Dan y Hapkido del cual soy 1er. Dan en mi Dojan tengo un turno de Hapkido para personas que no se dedican a la competencia me gustaria alinala en su Organizacion.
    Marcelo Alejandro Olmos
    Catamarca – Republica Argentina

  6. luis says:

    exelent, you website. my name is luis fron argentina. un abrazo ..

  7. mohamed osman says:

    im new here but i think your a good teacher

  8. steve juszczak says:

    these are good basic knife combos

  9. Jon Miller says:

    They say an open hand strike is more effective than a closed fist. That’s because closed fist is usually not as fast nor as accurate as open hand.

  10. Tata says:

    Dear Sifu,

    I am new to this dojo. I enjoyed your explanation to the open hand strike. I particularly like how you break the technique up into small pieces after you have demonstrated the technique up to full speed.


  11. Daniel garza says:

    I like how you explain every step of the open hand strike

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