Private Lessons

1191019863160-KumdoKneelMLPosterAs anyone who has trained with or been trained by Grandmaster Lee can attest, his genius as a martial artist and ability to breakdown the physics and physiology of techniques is unparalleled. It is truly a privilege, an intellectual and personally enriching endeavor when learning directly from Grandmaster Lee.

Unfortunately, now that Grandmaster Taejoon Lee has stepped away from teaching full-time, the opportunities all students will have to train directly with him will be limited to annual seminar opportunities and summer events.

However, Grandmaster Lee does wish to continue to have a direct connection with all members, students and instructors of the World Hwa Rang Do Association and for those in need of improving their skills and understanding of Hwa Rang Do philosophy, techniques and curriculum, he would like to continue to offer an opportunity for direct mentorship and consultations.

Securing Your Private Session

Which is why each month, Grandmaster Lee will be setting aside a very limited amount of time to make himself available for 1-on-1 VIRTUAL PRIVATE SESSIONS via video conference for ANYONE of any rank or martial art!

Grandmaster Taejoon Lee's rate for private 1-on-1 training is now at $600/hour, however, he would like to offer his time for any martial artist who is dedicated and seeking true mastery of their technique and martial art for ONLY $150 per hour session.

You may also choose to invest in shorter chunks of time at a lower rate.

Choose Your Session Type

All you would need to do is select one of the time options below, complete the checkout process then Grandmaster Lee will email you a virtual calendar link where you may choose a time which is convenient for both you and him to connect via video conference.

If you wish to receive a 'Technical Private Session', where Grandmaster Lee is observing and critiquing your technique, you must choose the 'Technical Private Session' option below, have a partner with you for your session to demonstrate your technique and enough space to perform the technique(s) at your scheduled time.

If you wish to receive a 'Mentorship Private Session', where Grandmaster Lee would be counseling and coaching you on a personal matter, please choose the 'Mentorship Private Session' option below. No partner is required.

Technical Private Session :


Mentorship Private Session :

Scheduling Your Private Session & Requirements

Services you may utilize for the conference include Google Hangout and Skype. If you prefer another technology, please let us know at

You'll need a computer, microphone and camera for the virtual private session.

This time can be spent in any way you'd like.

Grandmaster Lee does ask that you come prepared with questions to maximize your benefits and results!

Kuksanim looks forward to a continued direct relationship with you!

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Group Rates and Sessions

This pricing is intended for the benefit of 1 person. Even if you have a partner, the critique and feedback will be for the benefit and study of the individual who reserved this private with Grandmaster Lee. If you wish to have Grandmaster Lee teach a group of 2 or more, please email us at and we can provide you with a group quote for your particular situation.