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Fighting Fit Cardio Kickboxing

Do you want to get fit for life?
Do you want to get strong for life?

Empower your life and your spirit by getting FIGHTING FIT!
Full Contact Training without ever having to fight!

Open to the public!
Tired of your gym's cardio kickboxing class?
Think it isn't the real deal?

Kyuktoogi is our Full Contact Fighting. It encompasses all the striking much like Muay-Thai as well as takedowns and throws. In this class, you will learn all the techniques without the actual fighting. It is a step up from your typical cardio-kickboxing program.

Subjects Covered:

• Hand mit work
• Bag work
• Conditioning
• Takedowns/throws (for advanced students)
• Kicking drills
• Shadow Boxing
• Great Cardio Workout
• Explosive spreed drills

No experience needed, No belts, uniforms, or risk of injury.
Just a lot of fun and sweat!

Times: Every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:15-9pm (Remember that this class is open to the public!)