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Welcome to The West Coast Hwa Rang Do® Academy

The Most Comprehensive Martial Arts School in Los Angeles!

“One who conquers others is strong; one who conquers oneself is mighty”
- Lao-Tzu, 6th Century

"It's hard to accurately portray the quality of this academy without sounding overly effusive. As you would expect from a martial art that strives for perfection in all facets of life; every element is top-notch -- the art itself, how it's taught, the school, and of course the instructors."
                                                                                                  - MyFoxLA Review


     The West Coast Hwa Rang Do® Academy (WCHRDA) is a traditional martial arts school, which teaches and maintains the high values and moral ethics of classic Eastern philosophies. The school opened in 1994 and is headed by Grandmaster Taejoon Lee. Grandmaster Lee is a 8th Degree HRD Black Sash, and is the eldest son of the Founder, Dr. Joo Bang Lee. Though the goals are serious, and the training rigorous, the Academy provides a warm and friendly environment for all - men, women and children.

We are located conveniently in West Los Angeles (map). We are open 6 days a week and have classes for men, women and children of all ages and skill level.

The goal here at our Academy is to understand balance, maximize our human potential, and ultimately achieve harmony with the self, humanity, the world, and the universe. We take our art, our training and our school seriously but we also know how to have fun and enjoy each other’s company. It is this intensity of spirit within a familial environment that has allowed our school and art to flourish over the years.


Voted Best Martial Arts School in Los Angeles for 2009

"Me, my son and my daughter have been Hwa Rang Do students for the past eight years at Master Lee's West Coast dojang. Hwa Rang Do is the most intense and complete martial arts of all. It brings extreme physical habilities and immense mental strength. For me it is important to keep training so I can keep applying the doctrines in my daily life, by this I mean discipline, respect, kindness and good health. The West Coast academy is part of my life, it is like another family. At 54 I am trying to become a Kumdo warrior, this is the most simple but difficult martial arts of all...I love it. To be able to combat with Master Lee is a great honor and also a great adrenaline sensation. Hwarang For Ever."
                                                             - ParisLoLo (MyFoxLA Review)


"Unfortunately I live in Toronto and was not quite in California long enough to visit the studio. I sent an email and Master Lee answered me personally, offering me a sincere welcome to visit him and witness a class in progress. Over the last several years I have been slowly researching Hwa Rang Do and hoping to get the chance to move to a part of the world that would let me train in this fascinating art. I have learned a deep respect for the ethics and philosophy of the art and its practitioners, and Master Lee himself has personally responded to my inquiries on several occasions, taking time from his obviously full life to make even a stranger such as myself feel important and respected. In short, I have tremendous admiration for Master Lee and his school, and for the art in general, and if fate will allow it, some day soon I hope to be training there myself."

                                                                           - IAMtheIconoClast (MyFoxLA Review)


"This is very easily the best academy in California, if not America. The instruction is thorough and in-depth, covering a wide range of disciplines integral to a skilled and effective fighter."
                                                                 - IronDinosour (MyFoxLA Review)