Defense with Belt (Pobaksul)


Here’s the preview of the latest lessons taught by Hwa Rang Do Grandmaster Taejoon Lee. In this session, he teaches the use of the ordinary belt to effectively defend against an attacker.

Hope you enjoyed our preview.

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Tony July 11, 2011

GM TaeJoon Lee’s execution of the belt fighting techniques is flawless. Sometimes a pillow can stop a sword. Technique, skill and experience can combine with knowledge and love of the art to create a higher level. GM Lee is a great example and exponent of that kind of dedication to teaching the intricate details clearly and concisely. The online format is difficult and he has mastered it.

Tackhawauna Washington February 17, 2014

Dear Sifu,
I think that belt props are great for takedowns on different parts
of the body, including hooking at the ankle which you have so beautifully demonstrated. Also, I think that it can be a great interlude for more difficult props when you get into the different stick and sword combinations.

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