“Over my 30+ years of training in and teaching martial arts, I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with many martial artists and masters from across the world. There are very few I have come across for which I can legitimately say perfectly embody competency and character in the way Grandmaster Taejoon Lee does.

Most are either great at what they do, but lack the character to be great individuals or are great people, but lacking in their physical abilities.

Grandmaster Lee carries with him a unique genius, which makes him both a transformational mentor to thousands of students and an exceptional martial artist of unparalled skill and knowledge.”

Master Fariborz Azhakh
7th Degree Black Belt, Hapkido
President, MartialInfo.com

“What a privilege to be able to train with a Grandmaster of Hwarangdo every week! Kuksanim Taejoon Lee’s passion for his students’ development in the martial way, as well as his profound technical understanding and skill in a seemingly unlimited number of topics make this class a truly unmatched experience. The level of detail makes it easy for beginners to jump in and follow along, and of course he always throws in curve balls to get advanced students thinking about things in a new way. Those “Aha!” and “Wow!” moments always keep me coming back for more. Whether I am at the gym training, at home catching up on chores, or on the road on business or visiting family, I can log on to the Mastermind Class wherever I can find an internet connection. I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to step up their martial arts progression and personal development.”

— Alyssa Marlenee

“Weekday nights aren’t what they used to be. For as long as I have trained in Hwa Rang Do, coming home from the dojang after an evening class marked the end of a busy day. That changed last November, when Grandmaster Lee began offering live online video streams of classes at the West Coast Headquarters. Now weekday nights are filled with an opportunity I used to have only during seminars: direct instruction from Grandmaster Lee.

“After returning home from the dojang, I take out my notebook and sit down with my laptop to join the broadcast. The live video and chat feature allows me to watch techniques and ask questions in real time. For someone who sees Grandmaster Lee only two or three times every year, this simple act is a great thrill to me: ask a question, and immediately Grandmaster explains his answer! I have notes on everything from acrobatics to basic Tae Soo Do techniques, all thanks to these online broadcasts.

“Thank you, Grandmaster Lee, for making yourself ever more available to your students throughout the world. In a time when technology too often isolates individuals, causing people who are sitting in the same room together to ignore each other while they stare at separate computer screens, these online classes bring the Hwarang closer together. I feel connected not just to Grandmaster, but to all the other instructors who log on to watch the broadcast. We exchange greetings from the Midwest, Italy, California, and even Afghanistan, where an instructor in the US Navy recently joined us from his post at Bagram Air Base.

“To see Hwarang from across the world attending these online classes reminds me of the unity we share. All Hwarang follow the same path. And through the standardization of techniques taught directly by Grandmaster, we gain even more strength and unity as an organization.

“I hope all students take advantage of these classes as they become more broadly available. To receive instruction from a teacher thousands of miles away is something that earlier Hwarang could only dream of. Thanks to Grandmaster Lee’s innovation, I can join his classes now from my own living room. Weekday nights really aren’t what they used to be, now that I spend them with Grandmaster.

— Douglas Purvis