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What is the Training Like at West Coast Hwa Rang Do®?

"It is not about the amount of time put in, but the quality."

     Our classes vary in length from 45 minutes to and hour and a half depending on your level and desired training. We begin every class with brief meditation and calisthenics for approximately ten minutes, then move on to the class itself. Our classes are known for the intensity of the workout, so come prepared to sweat!

     The training will vary day-to-day, by age, and by rank, but generally all students will follow a similar progression throughout their martial art journey. The intensity, complexity and coordination will all increase significantly with each rank, especially from Tae Soo Do® to Hwa Rang Do®.

We believe strongly that physical fitness is merely a byproduct of training. The main goal of what we do and strive for is mastery over that which is presently beyond reach, be it a kick, a form, a technique or an opponent.

As students progress in their training, they are introduced to increasingly advanced concepts and techniques, involving weaponry, joint locks, take-downs and ground fighting. If you are awed not only by flying jump kicks and punching combinations, but also enthralled by arm bars, hip throws and weaponry, our school is the place for you.

Areas of Study:

• Basics:
Kicking and punching combinations to lay the foundation

• Forms:
Pre-determined set of movements against imaginary opponents for balance, coordination, and muscle memory

• Defensive Techniques:
Self-defense techniques against various attacks

• Sparring:
Live jousting with protective armor to prevent injury, utilizing punching, kicking, and takedown techniques

• Weaponry:
Beginner - ssangjyelbong (nunchuku)
Intermediate - jangbong (long staff)
Advanced - swordsmanship

• Testing:
Live demonstration of all of the above to demonstrate competence